IN OUR recent segment, we revealed how Rubaga MP, Kato Lubwama could lose his seat after a political activist took him to court claiming he lacks the minimum academic qualifications to be a member of parliament.

Buwembo Habib an activist has produced evidence showing that Kato forged academic papers to join MDD-Diploma course. Habib also insists that Kato Lubwama failed his O-level exams and was not awarded a Uneb certificate.

Kato Lubwama
The case is slated to kick off on October 31 at the High court, Kampala On October 31st.

However Lubwama has come out wondering why Buwembo is questioning his papers, insisting that he is qualified to be in parliament.

“Who is Buwembo to investigate my papers? I studied at Old Kampala; go and ask what I studied. I have OBs and OGs; ask them whether Kato Lubwama went to school or not. Buwembo wants to become popular by starting a war with a popular person like Kato Lubwama but I don’t have his time.” Lubwama said last week.

Buwembo and Lubwama first clashed after a group of the MP’s

supporters, codenamed Solida, beat him up last month. They accused him of being behind a ploy to fail Lubwama politically. Solida is a youth group that mobilized support for Lubwama.

Lubwama said he condemns what the group did but does not have powers to contain it. He said his supporters have to defend him because he is their breadwinner.

Kato Lubwama

“My supporters beat him seriously. He is so stupid, he goes around recruiting people. I don’t know whether to join ADF or what because he was not specific of what he wanted so they beat him seriously,” Lubwama said.

Lubwama’s political woes started when he fervently defended parliament’s move to give each MPs Shs 150 million to purchase a vehicle. At some point, the MP reasoned that even Shs 150 million was too little, proposing that the figure be revised to Shs 300 million.

“I did not come to parliament to suffer,” he once told inquisitive journalists.

Buwembo said it is such behavior that forced him to embark on a private investigation of Lubwama. That is when someone tipped him off that the MP’s academic standing was questionable.


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