St. Francis Hospital Nsambya, commonly known as Nsambya Hospital has yet again come to spotlight after being accused of negligence.

It’s authorities faces sharp criticism for reported medical negligence over their poor handling of one Hellen Kyomuhendo Karagaba after delivering.

Nsambya hospital

In a lengthy statement, renown NTV talk show host, Karagaba Baldwins a husband to Hellen indignantly reveal how authorities at the hospital mismanaged a pivotal situation in it’s crucial stage of success or failure. This has left the family in a state that is not admirable.

Baldwins Karagaba

Baldwins Karagaba

“I am Karagaba Baldwins, Ugandan and resident in Kampala
I met Hellen Kyomuhendo in the year 2014. Shortly after a dating time of 10 months, we went through the necessary process of living together. We married from Watoto Church on the 31st of May 2015.
Hellen is a 27 year old lady. She used to be a vibrant, brilliant and extremely driven lady, a phenomenal friend and lover of mine. She’s a procurement professional practitioner, and very good at her work.

This year on the night of 28th April, she gave birth to a fabulous baby girl, we called Harila Karagaba. Definitely this to us was anticipated to be the dawn of a real new family joy life, taking care of our baby, giving her the best parental attention she needs and deserves. Unfortunately, this has not yet become true. Instead, we have been deluged with misery and pain, a roller-coaster of un bearable turmoil and restlessness.

She gave birth normally from Nsambya hospital, a health care center she thought was suitable to give her secure delivery basing on the premise that some of her sisters had ever delivered from there earlier. That night I was there at the hospital while she was giving birth. It was unfortunate that I was the only relative with her there due to the reason that she got her labor pains three days earlier than forecasted. So, I drove her to the hospital coming to midnight and I had no one to go with at that time.

Baldwins Karagaba

When the mid wives completed helping her to give birth, at about 1;30 am, they led us to one of their private rooms. During that night, no nurse or medical personnel visited her in the room till 5:30 am, mean while she was constantly losing blood. I kept on seeking for help from the nurses and the doctors as they sat in their work-room, but they kept on telling me the blood letting she was experiencing was normal, and that she was going to be fine. The nurses came in at about 5:30 when she was drenched in a pool of blood and the entire room she was in, was filled with blood on the floor. They did some clean up, but thats it. They told us we had to wait for the day doctors on duty who would come in at about 8 am.

The first doctor reported in and saw Hellen at about 9:15. At this time her state was extremely dire but nothing major had been done. Its at about 10:30 am when Hellen’s mother came in. She has some medical knowledge. She saw Hellen and immediately cried out to the medical personnel there to transfuse her with blood. The doctors first dilly dallied around, but eventually heeded to her cry. She had actually lost all her blood, the transfusion given was 7 liters, the maximum blood volume any human

being can have in the body at one time. From that incident upto now, Hellen has never been the same and has never been better

We talked to the hospital administration about this matter and they were very indifferent to our ordeal. They told us these unfortunate incidences occur every day, and they had nothing to do about it. My expectation was that they would actually call in the nurses and doctors on duty attending to Hellen that day and reprimand the, or seek briefing from them about what happened.

Hellen Kyomuhendo

Hellen Kyomuhendo

We spent over 2 weeks at Nsambya hospital after that incident, as they tried to remedy the condition that had been be-set on her. They attributed the whole problem to pre-eclampsia, a hypertension condition before giving birth. We were discharged after those two weeks but as an outpatient, and on very heavy medication. We obliged as they recommended and we kept visiting back the hospital.

After 2 weeks, she got a nasty episode of extreme migraine and high blood pressure. We instead took her to IHK where she was admitted for 16 days. IHK observed that her kidneys had been severely damaged, and they were on the verge of total shut down. They continued providing her with medication during admission and after, trying to manage the high blood pressure and other spill over symptoms. They referred us to one of the Kidney doctors in Kampala called Sekasanvu to manage the condition

2 weeks again after leaving IHK, she had another unprecedented episode in this weak state of her health. Her lungs got feeled up with water, nearly had breath failure. We rashed her to mulago that night but instead she convulsed from there and she went into a coma. Mulago failed to help, we called IHK, they picked her up, admitted her to their ICU to resuscitate her. They successfully resuscitated her but too much damage had been done to her organs. One of the organs that were utterly destroyed were the kidneys.

Hello is currently in un admirable state

Hello is currently in un admirable condition 

She spent about 1 week in Intensive Care at IHK, transferred to general ward where she spent another 2 weeks. During this time, her kidneys were being supported by an artificial means of blood cleaning called DIALYSIS, which she’s still undergoing hitherto. Right now she’s doing the dialysis from NORVICK hospital, Buganda road, twice every week at an average cost of Ugx 600,000 (every week)

Right now, its been concluded that she has to get a kidney transplant. We’re in avid correspondences with FORTIS Hospital India planning and preparing for a kidney transplant BEFORE END OF DECEMBER. Several relatives of hers including myself are subjecting ourselves to the examination due process of identifying a donor.

The entire process i.e pre-kidney transplant operation, operation and post-operation, costs USD 44,000, roughly Ugx 150 millions. As family, and family friends, we have spent lots of money, way over Ugx 70 million in treating her upto this time. The Ugx 150 million, is extremely a difficult huddle for us to surmount.

Hellen has about 2 months to have this transplant done. We’re seeking for your help please, in which ever way you can. My personal contacts are: +256774509284 or +256754681764. The mobile money number we’re receiving financial contributions are; +256773916919 and +256701916919 (John Kihumuro/ Hellen’s Brother) We also have a bank account, Centenary Bank: Mapera Branch Account No. 3720102777.

Thank you so much for your help
(Please forward this email/message to who ever you think can be of help to Hellen)”.


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