IF There is any woman who is currently overjoyed, then it is none other than NTV’s Faridah Nakazibwe, who dumped city tycoon Hajji Moses Kigongo of Mosa Courts, after being snatched by a medical doctor.

Omar and Faridah

Omar and Faridah

Our Exclusive Snoops trailing Faridah intimate that she is warming up for a massive wedding with her new lover Dr. Omar Ssali, whom she replaced Kigongo with.

Exclusive Snoops intimate that “After hearing that Kigongo had hooked himself a babe identified as Sharifa Karungi, whom he secretly wed, Faridah  saw no reason why she wouldnt go ahead and jump the broom for her only last wish list of joy.”

The Snoops add that “It should be noted that the couple had set their

wedding for mid this year but it stalled after Kigongo continued asserting that he had sole rights to Faridah and that no other man would bang her unless he sought permission from him first.”

Haji Kigongo will not take the News lightly

Haji Kigongo will not take the News lightly

But after his reported secret wedding, Faridah and Omar seem to have garnered enough confidence to wed without his permission.

The two spent last weekend in Masaka where Omar had gone to check on Faridah’s mother. Further the Snoops intimate that they are now planning their introduction to be held next month if Kigongo doesn’t interfere again, after which they will hold a massive wedding, with meetings for which have already started.


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