WHAT SEEMED an impossibility a few months ago just recently became reality just a few weeks after star Jose Chameleone reunited musicians Moze Radio/Weasel and Kalifah Aga Naga.


The song is already a major hit among club goers

The song is already a major hit among club goers

For weeks the collaboration between the talented singers is becoming a major song among club goers.
An analyst we had a chat with had this to say: “It’s

one of the most- timely songs,” the analyst says. In his analysis he elaborated that it’s no secret that Ziza Bafana and Sheeba have dominated the first quota which left Kalifah camp and that of Radio and Weasel with minimal presence.
The Radio and Weasel camp first had a collaboration with Bafana ‘Byagana’ later when an opportunity availed itself in a Kalifah AgaNaga collaboration it was just what both camps needed to get back to hear of the fans and favour of industry stakeholders as they buy time to launch their independent projects.
That aside GuDiGuDe is a must listen


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