A blistering sex war is raging on between Golden Production band singer Grace Ssekamate’s lovers.

Idah Namara on her introduction

Idah Namara on her introduction

Ssekamate recently snatched a Hajjat identified as Idah Namara from her hubby Suleiman Mubiru, a renowned city businessman and he is planning to wed her soon. However, our Snoops reveal that on hearing about their pending wedding, Ssekamate’s other lovers are up in arms, vowing that such a wedding can never be.

One of Ssekamates’s lovers who has vowed to frustrate the wedding is his UK based Nkuba Kyeyo babe Sophie Kimbugwe aka Keems, who is going around telling pals that Ssekamate cannot wed Namara, unless he plans to get another house where they will stay.

Idah Namara and Ssekamatte

Idah Namara and Ssekamatte

This is because Sophie claims that the house in which Ssekamate lives and hopes to settle with Namara after

their wedding belongs to her and she cannot let another woman enjoy her sweat. Sophie, Snoops reveal, reveals that Ssekamate tricked her into sending him money to construct a house in Kampala, after convincing her that they would settle in it when she returned to Uganda, but that he turned around after construction of the house and dumped her, before claiming to own it solely. On top of that, he is planning to wed another woman and live with her in the same house, something Sophie is not willing to allow.

Ssekamate's ex lover Shophie Keems

Ssekamate’s ex lover Shophie Keems

The Snoops reveal that Sophie has vowed to start by foiling Ssekamate and Namara’s introduction ceremony which is slated for December 29, 2016. However, apart from Sophie, Ssekamate’s other former bonkmates who include Shamim Namawa, Lillian Dembe Sharon Kaka, Phina Mugerwa Jackie Namuleme, Naava Namatovu Julie Angume and others have all teamed up with intent foil his love life with Namara, accusing him of breaking their hearts.


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