A group of staunch Muslims in Kampala have vowed to expose singer Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool’s wife Zuena Kirema for pretending to be a Muslim when she is actually not.

Zuena skimply dressed and dancing 'bend over' for Bebe

Zuena skimply dressed and dancing ‘bend over’ for Bebe

The said Muslims accuse Zuena of going around telling people that she is a Muslim yet in real life she is a ‘Kaffir’ (nonbeliever) who even drinks booze and indulges in lots of mannerisms with her hubby which contravene Islamic teachings.

Zuena dressed like a Muslim

Zuena dressed like a Muslim

Trouble for Zuena started early this week, when she posted on her facebook wall a

message reading thus;

“My name is Zuena K. I’m a Muslim and I believe in the oneness of Allah. Despite the fact that I’m human and I fail every day. He love me dearly, and forgives my sins.

Allah says in the Qur’an “If you deny me in front of them, I will deny you in front of them…….”

However, this statement has sparked off anger amongst the Muslim clerics in Uganda, who accuse Zuena of constantly storming bars with her hubby Bebe Cool, guzzling the bitter on several cases, selling booze to non-Muslims and engaging in several activities that are against Islamic teaching which include eating forbidden meats and acting as a video vixen for Bebe.

Zuena & Bebe serving booze in a bad

Zuena & Bebe serving booze in a bad


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