FOR OVER a year rumors have indicated that Nu Engles Band boss Geoffrey Lutaaaya is secretly dating fellow singer Nalubegga Nabossa Zanie aka Zanie Brown.

Zanie Brown

Zanie Brown

For the first time in over a year, Zanie Brown has however come out to speak about the affair.  Or rather lack of it.


While appearing on Industrial Area’s based local TV station a few days ago, light skinned

Zanie cried out claiming that she’s not ready to see someone else’s marriage hit the rocks because of her.


The singer strongly denied any affair with Lutaaya, who is married to Irene Namatovu.


She is quoted:  “I had been hearing this for a while but I think it’s now time for me to clear this; I was just called to help them through their shows and when it was done I had to leave. It wasn’t romance or anything as people do put it; but still I was on contract.”


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