CANCER STRICKEN Carol will not be travelling to the United States for further professional cancer treatment, it has emerged today.

In a statement issued today, Carol’s health condition is so delicate that she can’t travel.

Instead she will be worked on from Aga Khan Hospital in Nairobi Kenya.

Carol feeding through a tube

Carol feeding through a tube

Here is a full statement:
“The Ministry of Health would like to clarify to the public about the case of Ms. Carol Atuhairwe. We have neither refused nor delayed approval of any paperwork for the said patient and to-date, the Medical Board has not received any documents to this effect.

Information from the Cancer Institute where Carol has been receiving treatment for the

last two years indicates that a multidisciplinary team of Uganda Cancer Institute met with visiting surgeons from USA and concluded that her condition requires close care as it is very delicate and this can be currently handled by the Uganda Cancer Institute.

Carol with some of her guests

Carol with some of her guests

Since the initial medical team from USA can no longer carry out surgery on Carol, the Institute is working on finding an alternative international health facility to handle her case. Once this is secured, her request for referral will then be generated and forwarded to the Medical Board.

Government remains committed to support Carol in a timely manner especially if need for any approval arises.”


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