MUSICIAN EDDY Kenzo has rubbished claims that he is a member of the cult worshiping illuminati insisting that the public just misunderstand him.




The Sitya Loss star also opened up about gay claims saying it is because of his fashion style that people judge him as a same sex guy.

Appearing on CBS radio, Kenzo wondered what Ugandans really want.


“Kyoka ne’wuunya abantu kyebagala….wano na’letta sitayilo yange ne ba’ngamba mbu ndi gay simanyi illuminanti,” Kenzo said loosely meaning ‘I really wonder what the public really wants, I introduced my dressing style

and they branded me as Illuminati and gay.”


Ever since he made it on the music scene, Kenzo is most known for his tight jeans style that has been embraced by many youths around the country.


The singer also attacked the media saying that it hasn’t protected them as artistes with positive reporting.


“Now see D’Banj, his country protects him, it’s hard to read such stuff on him, our people need to start appreciating what we had done for the country! Iam now also a brand that has sold Uganda around the world. These things of Illuminati are not there, they are not real, ‘balimba bulimbi Bantu…’ (They are just deceiving people),” he added.


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