Dr. Stella went gaga in a nude show yesterday

Dr. Stella went gaga in a nude show yesterday

SHOCKING DETAILS have emerged about why Makerere University Research Fellow Dr. Stella Nyanzi stripped naked in protest yesterday.


Ever since the shocking incident happened yesterday morning, Ugandans have been wondering why a mother of twins could go to an extent of publicly going nude for just a job when she could get another one considering her high education competence.


Now very shocking details show that the fight between Dr. Nyanzi and Makerere Institute of Social Research (MISR) is more than just what meets the eye.


The biff between Nyanzi and MISR has been ongoing for ages. Inside information reveals it all started years ago when MISR out rightly rejected Nyanzi’s course to teach homosexuality and lesbianism.

It must be known that Dr. Nyanzi is one of the few PhD scholars who devotes more than 80% of her time on research and activism on LGTBT stuff like lesbianism, gayism, Trans-gender, bi-sexualism among others.


She designed a course to teach at the MISR PhD programme titled: “Queer African Studies”. National Council for Higher Education refused to approve the PhD programme if it was included. That is where her problems with Prof. Mohmood Mamdani started.


Dr. Nyanzi felt Mamdani did not do enough to enable her to teach. But she would not

teach any other available course, because her PhD by research on HIV (medical anthropology) allows her limited flexibility on a taught-PhD programme.


Among other things she does which she is so passionate about is to share her pedagogical ethos and praxis on homosexuality. Homosexuals are very secretive, and cannot open up to anyone unless they trust you, or know you as their own. In this country, she is one of the few scholars who is at the center of that movement.


In fact she may be one of its leading ideologues! It has also been suggested that that she may be part of an international conspiracy to popularize homosexuality in schools and the university. Her sexually explicit Facebook posts are not for nothing.


“They are intended to slowly corrupt people’s minds into accepting livid discourses on sex into the public space, and the by the time the world understands, our kids will start telling us having same sex marriages is okay because they learnt from school or the university that it is a very good way to gain control over one’s own sexuality,” a source says.


The source adds: “It is more than the simple office at MISR. Her being there gave her a lot of international leverage as a certain kind of crusader for certain rights – which of course was coming with lots of green bucks to support her cause! I may be wrong but I think she is more than meets the eyes!!!”


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