AFTER RECEIVING hundreds of complaints in my cyber office at, The NewAge Dating Inc, it all proves that teenage girls and young-adult females are being tormented by their male counterparts.

The Obamas are one happy couple

The Obamas are one happy couple

Lovemaking among young generation has become a shortcut of tasting stress, and mastering all sorts toxic practices during dating, which has resulted into lack of trust, anxiety, insecurity in the love discipline.


It is from those helpless crying voices that I decided to reveal few self-help basics of Men’s hidden behaviours and techniques they use to confuse and destroy loving hearts.



The details below may not please my male fans, but for purposes of allowing peace, love &harmony, I ask all men who will feel undressed by this article to try and be gentle with reality. As women become happy, all men and myriad creatures may share the proper gift of being alive on our precious planet.



Below Are Three Major Ways Men Use To Take Away Women’s Power & The SOLUTIONS To Diffuse Them;



  1. He will right from the beginning try to show he’s very good person and open for whatever you want him to say or do. Because he knows women by nature appreciate and allow people who act good to them.


  1. As you allow him space to talk to you, he softly drags u to his way of time programming. i.e he will want to control your actions in a day. Questions like; where are you, what time are you going, when do u expect to come back, Are you going alone?.. Such questions will always be on his tongue. In otherwords, he wants you to reveal to him how you actually spend every second of your life.


  1. Our culture and traditional trends teach women to please men. So after detecting he’s being insecure, she will try to want to prove to him that she’s a good girl and that he shouldn’t doubt her movements or thoughts.


This is the time he has fundamentally and step-by-step conquered your power.



He will technically make sure you don’t think or act the way you want. When you do, he will threaten to hate you. He may do this by keeping silent on you, disappearing from your face… but all this is intended to conquer your intellectual wisdom.(your power to decide the way you want)





1) DON’T allow him to fantasize always in your course of speaking to him. It is through those inter-personal Cheese Vibes that a man will UNLOCK your natural intelligence doors. When he learns that you drown into his easy vibes, he gains the opportunity to press your emotional buttons. For example; you may find yourself missing his voices the day he doesn’t appear. So the trick here to put him down is to disprove/water down his fantasy flow.



How do I do this?



For example: when he’s flowing with his cheese talks, instead of laughing, counter him to tell u live examples of what he’s talking about. If he is about women, shift him to talk abt men or even animals about the same.



2) NEVER allow to follow even a single beat of a man’s time schedule. In otherwords, don’t let any man know your programs of the day. By surrendering your time schedule, you’re granting him power to interrupt and technically drag you into his own ‘mastermanship’.



How do I resist his proggies yet I love him??



Technique: Whenever he calls to make appointment, always dismantle it. For example; “Baby, it’s

been long. I miss you. Can you please bail me tomorrow sato evening..??

You can best answer like this…”Honey, you know i’ve always minded how you feel about me…but, let me look into my Saturday schedule and see if i can make it to you” (This technically informs him that.. You follow your programs and sometimes a certain proggie can be more important than what he wants from you) so later, you’ve the power to call him and say.. “Sorry honey am afraid i may not be able to be with you because i have a girls group meeting or my Dad badly needs me badly for some work in same time. This is how simple you can train your boyfriend to be patient, loving and understanding. If he doesn’t respect those innocent boundaries and restrictions then he’s a pussie wussy and a good for nothing chump. Pin him on the wall en leave him there until the women of his type pick him away.




3) NEVER change a YES to a NO or vise versa because of a man’s pressure. When you accept to alter your answers or responses, its a signal that tells him how weak you’re and how simple you can be manipulated. The NO/YES from normal and responsible being shdn’t be changed at anyone’s interest. When u accept, u have technically given your POWER away.



How does that happen??



Example: He made a call requesting you sh’d go to the beach on Sunday. And u instantly said no! Bse you will be having fun with your family together. And he selfishly muzzled off the call as a sign of anger. Now after hours of poor thoughts and weak emotions u draw favor to him, and you later call him to sooth him and assure him that you’ve change purposely for him!.. Uuooosshh! **‍**‍the power you’ve lost here, you shall never gain it!



4 APPOINTMENTS: Most men almost cram their practices toward new age women the old fashion way. He thinks you are supposed to do everything the way he wants. But in real sense, that’s a cultural mindset intended to take away a woman’s power.   Example1: when u accept to go to his house or offer the whole weekend to him in the first place, he will assume that you know that you have to be with him whenever weekend clocks. So learn how to turn down infringing or frequent appointments. Set boundaries and restrictions over how you wanna go about things.


Example2: You may give away your power just by answering a mans phone call/sms instantly. How.. ?? If he calls/sends you text late in the night and u wake up from sleep to respond, its a signal to him that he’s more valuable than anything u could be doing– because he knew you could be sleeping by that time. So he will start calling u anytime he wants and the day you’ll delay or don’t pick up the call, he threatens break up or makes all sorts accusations and insults. And when u change to obay what he wants, you have given away your Unrecoverable POWER.



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LOVE GOVERNER: The Smartest Way To Control A Man For A Successful Relationship

Born and raised in Uganda, Mwinebantuki Ambrose is Media& Dating Coach, with a decade-term research and interest in the impact of media, gender and culture on intimacy and relationship development. His emphasis is dedicated to “emotional focusing, social identity and spiritual intimacy. He’s the founder and facilitator at “The NewAge Dating Inc”.


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