“i have two Children in sweden Marino and Leam they are both boyz… benkolerakati baberebulingi in the future..”

Its thursday morning and Xclusive’s One on One celebrity talk team gets to a one rather chilled Innocent Ssendegeya best known by his stage name Cas Cas.
Cas Cas is believed to be the new kid on the block, if we are to go by the words on the street. With his hit single Ekilove Love, many seem not to know him by his stage name and choose to brand him by his hit song.
Cas Cas whom most people we talked to (women) say he is a malala singer, literally to mean faint showoff, is quiet aggressive and serious about his career path.

Cas Cas and Radio Moze

Cas Cas and Radio Moze

Cas Cas says he has quiet a few astounding hit singles, creating a frenzy even before he takes them to be real completely.

Xclusive caught up with him;

Xclusive Ug:  So Why Cas Cas as a stage name?

Cas Cas: Then name is my own Insight. Bred from my own not so much known character and where i see myslef

Xclusive Ug: You are a breed of Boys In September, Right?

Cas Cas: Yes, Boys in September as a group brought the best in me. but this time around i want to define my self. My hit single Ekilovelove is doing fine and i am now a strong hold name, meaning i have gotten a fun base now both especially back at home and in Sweden.

Xclusive Ug: We are Itching to ask about “Boys In September, but why Cas Cas and not stick with your group?

Cas Cas: Like i said Cas Cas is a name that real says who i am but am known by my humble ID Innocent Ssendegeya

Xclusive Ug: Who is Cas Cas and Why the Name Cas Cas

Cas Cas: Cas Cas is a polite man.. but with great ambition

Xclusive Ug: What are you currently working on?

Cas Cas: Am working on my new solo album produced by tanzanian producer fraga and Swedish studio 133 in fisksatra Stockholm producer jasoon from sewden i have acollabo with the goodlife called nkwegombesa on youtube

currently its doing well in europé denmark and Finland


Xclusive Ug: What do you love most on you?

Cas Cas: Tatoos

Xclusive Ug: Do you also smoke weed?

Cas Cas: No… ha ha ha ha .. Why?

Xclusive Ug: You know!

Cas Cas: No i am physically fit and with great physique


Xclusive Ug: Besides Music what else do you do ?

Cas Cas: I am into business. I do a little bit of paultry farming some where best known to me.


Xclusive Ug: What is your Projection?

Cas Cas: I am hoping to join mega Music awardz in africa and europé. its my biggest target and doing more collaboz with both Ugandan artists and other countries.

As you can see from my current works on You tube, my videos that i tirelessly worked on while in Uganda last year are overwehlemingly appreciated both back at home and else where on the international market.
Xclusive Ug: What are you currently working on?

Cas Cas: I have a concert this easter on a boat cruise to Finland and after i will travel to denmark to give the ugandan Community a mega show duubed “kampala nite.” so i wanna tell my fans out there that its gona be massive.

I will also be shooting my latest video in denmark shortly after this mini tour so i am thinking Music this year should take me places.

Xclusive Ug: Are you Married?

Cas Cas: I have two Children in sweden both marino and leam they are boyz benkolerakati baberebulingi

Xclusive Ug: We would like to know, that one thing that makes you and that you would hide from your fans.

Cas Cas: (Chuckles)

Ofcos besides my sweet voice…. i do expensive tatooes  and i want to do more expensive tatooz …. my whole body for my sexyladies.

Plus my music is a bit unique coz i do it for the women mostly.. ekilovelove is produced by Buzz audio and nkwegombesa by eliyakis producer from goodlifestudioz. I am so greatful to them. so i think dis iz gonna be my year… my sexladies should know i have them dis time my lastest single iz called mugyetukyekole madtune

Cas Cas with his tatoos

Cas Cas with his tatoos

…. and he signs off!


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