Tension Continues rising in Kampala for the last couple of hours following the arrest of leading opposition FDC party leaders Dr. Kizza Besigye and Gen. Mugisha Muntu.

According to our reporter at the FDC Tally Centre at Najjanankumbi, the arrest of the FDC party leaders sparked unrest among Besigye’s supporters in surrounding areas.

The police has stopped vehicles from the section of Entebbe road passesing by the FDC offices.

Outcomes of yesterday’s presidential and parliamentary elections released by the Electoral Commission show that Museveni has garnered strong support from different districts in Uganda

Police fired tear gas and live bullets to stop people from gathering near the FDC offices. Besigye and Muntu were reportedly whisked away to an unknown location in a black car.

Reports say that the FDC party leadership was preparing to announce afew

results of yesterday’s presidential elections captured. According to our reporter, the FDC team had gathered results at their tally centre that failed to match those released by the Electoral Commission (EC).


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