STYLISH WOMEN always find new ways of looking more fashionable each day that passes.

Animal print is the way to go for stylish ladies

Animal print is the way to go for stylish ladies

And when you meet some of the ladies in their happening places like clubs and bars, you find that most of them are dressed in an animal print that mostly looks like a leopard skin with either strapless or not with eye catching skinny skirts that make them look gorgeous before any dude’s eyes.


Barbara Ankunda who operates a ladies boutique at Garden City, says animal print dresses or skirts don’t undermine anyone’s beauty, whether brown or black, adding that it’s because of them being with different colour prints.




The Dress


According to Ankunda, she says these kind of dresses have got different fashion styles; ‘an office wear, a party print, and those that associate with the church norms.




When it comes to skirts, she

says, its far better for a woman to go make her own skirt in any different animal colour print, that she may desire cause it’s a bit easy to get a top dress that can match with her animal print skirt colour.


Hand bags


There are bags that are also made in an animal print style that women who are stylists can wear along with their animal print’ dresses, and hey, shoot a brighter colour out of the dull… they are so many on market now days and so pocket friendly.


The Shoes


With a sure deal ticket, there are mob shoes now on market that are frankly made in an animal print’ style; there are also women shoes that look like scandals but decorated with animal print straps that can make any woman stand out stunning in her animal print dress.


The animal print cost price


The animal print clothes are so cost friendly; and according to Ankunda, she says the prices run from 15k and beyond according to the place and the rent where one is buying the cloth. We urge you shouldn’t miss out an animal print dress this weekend.





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