A LOT HAS been said about the celebrated TV presenter, emcee and ,er, musician Straka Mwezi. 

Much has been talked about her career, intimate life and a lot more about her kid that she sired with the dancehall raga muffin, Sizzaman.

Straka Mwezi

Straka Mwezi

Xclusive UG sat Straka down and she spilled all…


Xclusive UG: Can you briefly tell us more about you?


STRAKA: In a few words, I would do say am Uganda’s most celebrated TV personality.


Xclusive UG: When did you join television and how old are you?


STRAKA: Well, I joined TV 14 years back but for my age I prefer it a secret. I don’t see it as anyone’s part of value. (Smiles serenely)


Xclusive UG: Are your parents still alive, if so, who are they?


STRAKA: I am happy to say one is still alive but still I do prefer to keep that private.


Xclusive UG: Everything seems private to you, got some haters?


STRAKA: I believe that anyone in life has got haters. It’s not that everyone will like you or what you do!


Xclusive UG: We hear you are now deep into music; so are you going to dump TV job for music, does music pay much higher than TV?


STRAKA: That’s hilarious because none of them has hindered me to do the other. I can still handle both of them; the TV job is my career, and music has always been my passion. So whether TV or music I’ve always been in the

entertainment industry and remember I’m also a professional emcee so the financial benefits are the same.


Xclusive UG: Who manages you?

STRAKA: I have always had a manager under Straka Management.


Xclusive UG: Where did your relationship and love affair with Sizzaman end?


STRAKA: We were never in love although we got a child together. Our role now is to co-parent our child, nothing intimate.



Xclusive UG: What more can you speak about Sizza?


STRAKA: (with a silent smile) I’m very sensitive when it comes to my private life most especially that now I have a child involved, so I beg we skip that topic please.


Xclusive UG: Where do you hangout?


STRAKA: (laughs justly) Where the vibe is on hype is where you will find me.


Xclusive UG: Apparently your former landlord wanted sex, how did it end?

STRAKA: I guess you heard the song entitled ‘Landlord’ by Straka Baibe; you will listen to the details for the incident if you haven’t yet I recommend you visit YouTube and get the visual bit of the story but that’s in the past now. I have a new project called ‘Kinyenya Nyo’ still by me the one and only Straka Baibe. (Laughs) I love myself.


Xclusive UG: Tell us more about your new music projects…


STRAKA: It’s a club banger about a woman’s behind (big bum) which I do proudly say is one of the assets a Ugandan woman is known to have. That song is a different story like I said the Landlord issue is in the past and the style is also very different. I just found out I’m very versatile with music.




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