AT THE BEGINNING of presidential campaigns, FDC flag bearer Col Kizza Besigye challenged longtime political rival president Yoweri Museveni to a live TV debate.

Winnie Byanyima is unimpressed with her hubby Besigye

Winnie Byanyima is unimpressed with her hubby Besigye

Museveni responded positively by saying that he walks with his mouth confirming that he was ready to take on Besigye. This came in awake of preparations by Uganda Interreligious Council to have a presidential debate this January.


However a few days to the day Ugandans have been waiting for to see Museveni facing off with his two main opponents, the ruling NRM announced that Museveni will not be present that day since he will be busy relating with his voters in Bushenyi.


Upon hearing the news, Besigye also shunned the debate saying that “If Mr

Museveni declines to have a debate we cannot have it alone. Even if we are eight people vying for presidency the contest is between two sides the dictatorship and those seeking democracy. It is the military dictatorship we intended to examine and integrate in the debate.”


Nonetheless a section of Ugandans including his wife Winnie Byanyima who heads Oxfam international deplored Besigye for this decision with many arguing it shows his is a personal vendetta against Museveni other than engaging in issue and policy.

Byanyima took to her Twitter page and expressed concerns saying she thought her hubby was thinking about Uganda not just Museveni and therefore he should show up.



This comes after Besigye told people of Nakaseke that his problem with Museveni is not about a woman as many think but governance issues.


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