TALENTED FEMALE musician Lillian Mbabazi has told close pals that she needs a man to warm her cold nights, Xclusive UG has learnt.

This comes months after she split with the father of her two children Moze Radio.


Since the two split months ago, Radio has gone about his business and hooked new girlfriends.

On the other hand, Lillian has been not only lonely

but sexually starved.


And lately she told pals that she needs a man. She had hoped for Radio to reform and return to her but instead, his addiction for booze and women has reached a whole new level.


“All signs show Lillian wanted Radio back, but he seems not interested at all. He’s moved on,” a pal told us.


The pal adds that Lillian is currently coming to terms with the fact that it’s over with Radio and wants to move on.



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