Social media has been awash with hateful and quite hard comments, mostly coming from the Musicians’ like Juliana and BebeCool’s latest Facebook wall posts for publicly supporting President Yoweri Museveni’s 2016 Presidential bid.

On Friday a section of local musicians hosted the president in a dinner at Speke Resort Munyonyo where they claimed to launch a new song titled ‘Tubonga Nawe’ -literary meaning we are all ‘Thumbs up’ for you Mr. President. To many youths’ mostly their ardent followers, this has been seen as hypocrisy with most attacking the musicians as total ‘sellouts’

Bonga- Bebecool shows the president how its done.

Bonga- Bebecool shows the president how its done.

Xclusive Ug brings a feature of comments verses the statements in which they answer all their critics.


Bebe cool had this to say;

I wish to remind, correct, and guide my fellow musicians/fans who have totally gone wrong on the issue of president YOWERI KAGUTA MUSEVENI dining with artists and not talking about copyright.

The invitation cards were very clear. YOU R INVITED TO THE TUBONGA NAWE EXPERIENCE not to the copyright law dinner.”

His first reply or comment came in from Sharmm Piellar  with ‘Point driven home!  and another from Mulimba George  who said ‘We can never be compromised by your foolish thinking to support a dictator.Sorry you musicians for being in Museveni’s armpits.’

These two comments got no replies however Xclusive Ug  brings you the top biggest comments that recieved the big numbers of ‘likes’ and ‘replies


Javi Franco Boy am yo fun.. but I cant support a despot ..any way it is yo political choice just as any body else… so bebe dont try to lure us to follow.. yo man .. die wit him.. I love u every day!!!
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Bana Mutibwa It would be great if you guys came out to also comment on the actions of the police towards the general public. Things that actually matter instead of just being greedy for money. It’s of-course your choices to support the candidates who best represents your needs but in the future this wouldn’t make Uganda a safe place for our children. Hashtag #NotCool

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Walu Gyo let your name stay Bebe Cool not Bebe Fool……. am wondering if U would post this again if a police man undressed Zuena and no legal actoins are taken

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Ronald Kam Whereas the likes of Lucky Dube Chaka Chaka and others stood up against bad governance in South Africa for you Ugandan artists decided to dine with the oppressor.Mr. bebe Cool…this is not what most Ugandans wished to see. As you dined with Museven…majority Ugandans slept on empty stomachs…in darkness (as their was no power) the pregnant women in rural areas died in Labour as there were no facilities at the health centre to perform an operation. Why could you be so selfish.

Juliana Kanyomozi on the other hand came up with a softer post mainly aimed at bringing out her sleflessness and self value for humanity. She posted “Ndi munnauganda nga abalala bonna. It means we all have the same fundamental rights regardless of our positions in society, or political beliefs, or even life experiences. But there’s one thing that brings us together, and thats humanity, obuntu. We are all from the human race. There’s no need to use abusive, disrespectful, judgemental and insensitive language towards each other simply because of our different beliefs. That is not going to add any value to you or me. No need to use hateful speech to drive a point across. Let’s agree to disagree on certain things, but respectfully. Rather than try to intimidate me to believe in what you believe in…. You also have the choice to support me in this musical journey or not to. I see absolutely no problem in that. I may be a musician and public figure, but away from the glitz and glam, I’m also a human being just like everybody else. When I started singing, it was never about getting rich or becoming famous. And till today, i dont base my happiness on those things because they come and go. I jus wanted to sing and thats what I still want to do, JUST SING and also continue to grow as a God fearing woman who respects her elders and love and love as much as i can. It doesn’t mean my life has been perfect, I’ve been through some of the most painful experiences, just like most of you. But those values have not changed till today. I would rather sing for 10 people who will see me beyond the lights, camera, make up, hair extensions and high heels but see my soul, happiness, tears , pain and flaws, and still love me regardless. And I will be happy with that. Everything I do, I do for God and my country. Be blessed everyone.”
The comments ;
Bruno Agababyona I think that people who are abusing Juliana are right… They are fighting for equal rights… 
Whereas Juliana is busy using her celebrity to campaign for Museveni, other candidates are being denied a right to leave their homes to even speak to their 

Anyone who supports such a system should be treated as part of that system and should be castigated.

Our country has suffered enough. Why is it that other Ugandans cannot enjoy the same rights as Juliana is enjoying? Nowadays wearing a Tshirt ofAmama Mbabazi is worse than killing a person… Why? Why? Why?

You cannot support someone who is oppressing the people and expect not to be bashed.

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Mpora Grant I hate haters. And whoever feels offended by wat Juliana decides to do sd go n kiss ass. Thats her life. Stupid haters.

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Dennis Kayemba Juliana I have seen people sing tukikubunkenke and songs like Africa(ani agula ensi kuba tugitunda)these were portraying unsatisfaction and here comes tubonga nawe dinner same person fighting for a photo moment with the president…..this to me was like ” a dog eating its vomit”as according to president general Norbet mao in relation to Gilbert bukenya…….

Please don’t take this any personal but majority of the artists don’t represent what they believe in…..wait they will also show support for other opposition members in pursuit for pocket change.

Juliana my best artist….meeting or doing dinner with the president would have been a golden opportunity to gazette the road map of music innyears to come even after you…..things to do with social protection of artists copy right…..schools of talent development and agitating for celebrity benefits since u are now ambassador s of hope to the hopeless Ugandans…..

Don’t add sentiments to this but look at what u missed out on doing at what u guys called an opportunity…. 400 million is nothing any bigger than the generations of talent to come….mwe mukadiye the world will never remember you for support ing sevo but rather your works as an artist…..u need to lay a foundation

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Mbabazi Bugira Jolly This is a mother post because when i keep scrolling down OMG every comment has over 100 likes what is this…..
Ugandans lets put our writings in action and bring our nation to what or a better place we want it to be..people your walalalala too much noise is not going to develop this nation…wake up lets act…PEACE.

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Nankya Erios It doesn’t matter whether you’ve phrased the post in a twisty way. The thing is most of us are disappointed in you singers. We are intelligent women as well and we’ve experienced broad daylight bribery between you and M7. Stop manipulating us coz we all know what’s happening but musanze tulaba. We won’t accept to be wooed. Change is needed!. Everything has been destroyed. Go and have a look at Mulago hospital, schools, infrastructure etc. People can’t afford the basic needs nor an everyday decent meal and yr parading with him!. What has he done for the last past 30 yrs for the nation apart from selling everything?!!!. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!.

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Cypher Mc Script I hope you choke on your pride soon … Cooperate bitch … fuck yo ego n all the money side ways ….blah…

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Kayizzi Daniel #Juliana we made you what you’re right now that influenced M7 to also start using you against us for his personal motives.
It hurts us when you start saying “You would rather sing for 10 people who will see you beyond the lights,camera,make up. ..bla b
For you to start talking like that is a clear indication of BETRAYAL & SELFISHNESS.
Where was your M7 before you became what you’re right now?
Wabula mpulira obusungu!
We’re struggling to bring about change in our country peacefully and for you you’re busy blind folding the would be potential activists and later twist it in a way that makes us fools!!
What’s wrong with us having a new face of president in our country peacefully?
What haven’t we paid M7 for the Last 30 years!!
Please tell him to learn to appreciate and hand over power peacefully.

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Simon Kivumbi No one is attacking u coz of your political belief but u are being attacked because when u were talking at the function u gave your self powers and said WE THE YOUTHS that means u gave your self powers and spoke for the youths and not as u Juliana so baby nguma bakuvume those are the youths u represented bakambwe.. U changed their massage that’s y bakuvumye..
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What is your take on this…

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