CAN WE continue to count on God’s mercy if our security is always compromised? Definitely no!

Places such as government offices, malls, supermarkets and hotels MUST boost security because of concerns about crime and terrorism. Just make a spot check at any of the mentioned places and you will be shocked, if you are security conscious.

The writer Dixon Okello and legend Kipsiro

The writer Dixon Okello and legend Kipsiro

A person driving a car is never asked to step out for a body search, instead he or she is asked to just lower the car windows and open the boot and is then let in.

Do these guards both private and the police know

what they are searching for? Do they know that it’s easy to conceal a weapon or explosives in your jacket or coat? Planning ahead is how you stay ahead of the enemy. Before they strike, tighten your security. Being security conscious begins with a conscious effort to be informed about ones immediate surroundings. To the uninformed, threat, risk or danger is a surprise –an unforeseen event. But to the informed, threat, risk or danger is a probability –an event whose chance of occurrence is equal to its chance of non-occurrence.

Hope The Inspector General of Police General Kale Kayihura will take note of this security lapse.

NOTE! Dixon Okello is a private security expert with vast training from around the world including countries like Egypt and Lesotho. He has handled security detail for almost all international music concerts in Uganda.



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