IF YOU see where a woman gives birth abroad, even as a man you will feel like getting pregnant.

Some nurses in Uganda are a nightmare to patients

Some nurses in Uganda are a nightmare to patients

For only one woman in labour,you will see an Obstetrician, a gynecologist, a general surgeon, a specialist Surgeon ,an anesthetist, a registered nurse /midwife/, plus a social welfare officer among others. They pet and caress the woman in labour, that’s why it is called delivery room.

But in Uganda, it is called “Labour Room” and if you see what women go through, you will agree with me that it should also be called “Confession and Trial Room”. Some Ugandan nurses make

being in labour look like a criminal offence and the worst thing is that they are everywhere both in private and government hospitals.

For Instance, when a woman in labour is brought to the hospital, they will throw her to the labour ward or room, lock her up like a criminal awaiting trial and they will go to the reception or doctor’s office and start gossiping as the wait to be paid first. When she starts screaming because of severe pain to the midwives to ‘Please come’ they will not help her quickly, but instead insult her.

You will hear words like “Do you know me? Am I the one that made you pregnant? Open your leg wide tumbavu! Stupid do you want to kill your baby? You better push now or i will leave you here!

God bless Uganda.


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