AN ANGRY married woman has leaked nude pictures of a one Judith Laureya, a third year student at Makerere University Business School (MUBS).

Social media enthusiasts yesterday woke up to over 50 photos of Judith displaying her all. The photos were leaked by Anila Kyomukunda Monroe accusing her of trying to snatch her man.

Judith pictures leaked yesterday

Judith pictures leaked yesterday

It is reported that Judith sent the horny images to Anila’s man who later showed them to her. She decided to leak the pictures to teach her a lesson of her life.

We have learnt that victim Judith Laureya deactivated her Facebook account following the fact that she could not stand the shame that her photos have gone viral on social media with thousands of Internet users sharing them on their different media platforms like whatsapp, facebook and many others.

“It didn’t go well after

the man’s wife checked her husband’s phone only to be greeted with multitudes of nude photos sent by this student,” a source said.

Judith strips to her Eve suit in the pictures

Judith strips to her Eve suit in the pictures

The jealous woman took to Google Drive and uploaded all this student’s nudies and has shared them on several WhatsApp groups to shame this student.

The Anti Pornography law prohibits people from publishing and distributing naked photos. According to the Anti Pornography act 13 (2), a person who produces or participates in the production of, or traffics in, publishes, broadcasts, procures, imports, exports or in any way abets pornography contrary to section (I) commits an offense and is liable, on conviction, is liable to a fine not exceeding 500 currency points or imprisonment not exceeding ten years, or both.



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