IT IS no doubt the NE-YO craze is on everyone’s mind and lips, and with the must attend ‘Bell Pop’n Jam concert’ just around the corner, the itch for tickets couldn’t be more intense.

Bell Lager has yet again come to excite their loyal consumers. To celebrate Uganda’s 53rd anniversary, the beer company has announced the Bellistic Independence Weekend.

American star Ne Yo is coming to Kampala this month

American star Ne Yo is coming to Kampala this month

The Bellistic Independence Weekend is a super celebration weekend aimed at marking a historic day in Uganda with a celebrated brand, Bell Lager.

During this special weekend, every code sent to 8464 from Thursday October 8, 2015 – 6pm to Sunday October 11, 2105

at midnight will guarantee a consumer a ticket to watch Ne-YO perform. This is by far the easiest means to attend the concert; the price of a beer for a Ne-Yo concert ticket!

Robert Nsibirwa, the Bell Lager Brand Manager said that it simply doesn’t get any easier than this.

“As Uganda’s original beer, we would like to celebrate the independence weekend with you in a special way. For one last chance, you can make use of the Bellistic Bonanza to win yourself a ticket for every code sent to 8464 from under a Bell Lager crown.”

For a chance to be part the final Bellistic Weekend, just buy a Bell Lager, check under the crown for a code, and send the code to 8464. To make the story more interesting, there is also no limit to the number of tickets one can win, Bell announced.





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