FORMER MODEL Judith Heard has finally broken silence and spoken about her secret romance with gospel singer Exodus.

For years Judith and musician Exodus have been linked to each other, though the two have always insisted otherwise.

Judith Heard has finally spoken out about singer Exodus

Judith Heard has finally spoken out about singer Exodus

But speaking in the presence of Exodus at a city nightclub after a few glasses of hard liquor, tipsy Judith revealed that she has been f******g Exodus for over four years.

In the presence of Exodus, Judith ranted: “You have f**** me for over four years. But why do you still disrespect me. How do you bring other girls in places where I am?”

Judith was bitter after finding Exodus with another girl said to be a student a university student. There was drama in a popular city hangout after furious Judith Heard attacked the girl with a whiskey bottle over Exodus.

Enraged Judith staggered into the nightspot

at around 3am and was shocked after finding Exodus cuddling and smooching a mystery girl said to be a student at Nakawa based Makerere University Business School (MUBS). The two lovers were in the company of Exodus’ friends including fashionista Sean Ndawula and a one Ghadi, a city mufere.



For years it has been rumored that Judith and Exodus are an item, but the two have always come out to deny.

But last Saturday was a moment of certainty as married Judith attacked the MUBS girl shouting ‘leave my man alone.’

The drunken married mother of twins then picked a whiskey bottle and aimed it at the girl missing her by a whisker.

Thankfully the nightspot bouncers were quick enough to hold her back before damage could be done. The teary Judith was then escorted out of the club.

When contacted, Judith only insisted that she has not been involved in any fight with anyone for some time now.




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