GUVNOR ACE has officially confirmed that his “old” 70+ white woman is full of love and warms his bed all night long.

Guvnor Ace and Mona Lisa wedded last week

Guvnor Ace and Mona Lisa wedded last  month

Speaking yesterday during an interview at Laftz comedy lounge at the ever popular Mirinda comedy night, Guvnor said most of his family members are married to white ladies and he feels sad when people refer to

his “babe” as an ancestor.

He said he didn’t marry his wife because of money but love.

“I was already rich and my boss Dr. Jose Chameleone always supported me,” he bragged.

He also said he has never come across any local Ugandan lady who could match his “sweet babe” when it comes to discipline, hard work and perseverance. He concluded by saying, beauty lies in the eyes of beholder and young men should not fear marrying older women.

“Mona Lisa Larsson is loving and faithful wife, until it shall please the Lord by death to separate us.”


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