SOCIALITE ZARI Hassan has assured rivals Ivan Semwanga and Lawrence Serunjoji that they are wasting their time hating on her.

Zari looks sexy

Zari looks sexy

The new mom believes the two former friends are engaging in petty game of revenge which will not deter her from celebrating life with her man Diamond Platinumz and baby Latifah Dangote.

Ever since

the birth baby Latifah few weeks ago, Ivan and Lawrence have been on a mission to disorganize Zari by claiming the baby.

However the gorgeous mom insists she is not moved.

She said: “Revenge is for the petty. A boss lady knows that the misery a hater has to live with as they watch her happiness and success is enough punishment. I got to give my back to all that BS out there. I stay slaying because people only dim a light that’s too bright for them.”


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