THE GROWING rate of campus sex trade in our tertiary institutions is becoming a cause for concern.

Uganda girls especially campusers like free drinks in club

Uganda girls especially campusers like free drinks in club

Young ladies, selling their bodies for money; some pushed into this wicked profession out of poverty, some, out of sheer greed and some others, simply for the love of sex.

It’s no longer news that politicians, lawmakers, businessmen and other well-placed men in the society are the major people patronizing female students. When you visit female hostels at night, you will be amazed at the kind of flashy cars that come to pick up these young undergraduates for one function or the other. This is pathetic for this nation and its people. The same set of misguided leaders that have thrown the parents of these students into abject poverty, are the same ones destroying their children; because they control the means of survival and social status.

Understanding that young females constitute an appreciable percentage of the nation’s population little could be expected from them, productively, if they have been turned into ‘cheap sexual machines’ with warped

self-esteem and self-actualization.

Below are 9 types of boyfriends kept by ladies In higher Institutions in Uganda.


Academic Boyfriend

This One takes them to night classes. Helps them do assignments and they always stay together during exams.


Financial Boyfriend

This guy is usually rich (Corporate Class). He Takes Care of their house rent, Tuition fees, text Books, feeding allowance among others.


Assistant Financial Boyfriend

This one is usually a “down town class” guy. He takes care of their hair, pedicure, manicure and makeup. He buys them Yogurt, chips, chicken and popcorn after lectures.


Spare Part Boyfriend

This one is neither cold nor hot. He is always called to come and fix the bulb

and the switch in the Room, he is then given a French kiss plus 360 degree hug.


Party Boyfriend

This one takes them to fresher’s night, Award’s Night, Clubs, Concerts etc.


Security Boyfriend

These are mainly guys working with state Intelligence Services. These ones help them get back their stolen phones and intimidate her ex-boyfriends, who want to make a comeback move.


Swag Tutor and Hostel Boyfriend

They always hangout at the balcony in the evenings. This one tells them how to combine colours while dressing up for lectures during the day.


Original Boyfriend

This one is the Boss. The Babe visits him a lot during weekends. Cooks for him, does all house chores and they share emotional feelings.




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