STAR BEBE Cool will be a father for the fifth time when his wife Zuena Kirema gives birth to their child in a few weeks’ time.

Zuena poses with hubby Bebe Cool and a friend

Zuena poses with hubby Bebe Cool and a friend

The baby will be Zuena’s fourth as Bebe has another child from a previous tryst.

Two weeks ago, Bebe and family threw Zuena a baby shower. Bebe Cool is definitely excited about the pregnancy.

He posted on facebook:

“True personal story. Every time my wife gets pregnant, all sorts of good things happen to me. With the love of ALLAH, and the support I have from East Africa mostly my HOME country UGANDA, the first ever biggest MTV award is coming home insha Allah. Someone may ask why not finish the house?

And I will say

it’s just not my choice neither my worry at this time.

My only 8 year old daughter Beata prays it’s a gal but she then says if it’s a boy, she should be given the chance to name him because then it will be 4 boys and one princess and she worries they will pick on her.

I asked her what name she wants to call him in case it’s a boy, she took two days and said DEEN (religion) and hence following the alphabetical too.

Then my 11 year old son Alpha Thierry says he prays it’s a boy so the family can have more soccer players and he’s also insists on suggesting the second name. Guess what? OZIL.

I asked him why OZIL? He said because that player is a Muslim and he’s too clever in football though lazy. lol

If it’s a gal, I WILL NAME HER.

Let’s wait and see and may Allah take you through safely my wife.”


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