EDDY KENZO shows great humility by insisting he has utmost respect for musician Bebe Cool.

Kenzo insists he respects Bebe Cool

Kenzo insists he respects Bebe Cool

This comes after Bebe Cool insisted that calling Kenzo an upcoming musician was not wrong.

Bebe Cool says being called upcoming is a compliment

Bebe Cool says being called upcoming is a compliment

Some music fans have taken to social media to urge Ugandans not to vote Bebe Cool in the MTV Mama awards where he is nominated in Video of the Year category. According to this small group of fans, Bebe referred to Kenzo as upcoming two years ago.

Bebe last night came

out now and insisted that being called upcoming is a compliment.

Bebe Cool’s statement in part:


“Some fans have criticized me for calling Eddy Kenzo an upcoming artist and of which am very sure it’s not an abuse rather a category. Recently after his nomination, we all as Ugandans got together and voted for him hence the win, and immediately after the win, his misguided fans have gone around saying they will not vote for Bebe Cool because he called Kenzo an upcoming artist 2 years ago, and that’s the kind of hypocrisy some Ugandans have.”


Speaking, Kenzo said Bebe Cool had a right to an opinion and people should respect that.

Kenzo, fresh for winning an international award, insisted that he is not bothered by Bebe’s utterances.


“That’s how he sees it and it is absolutely his opinion. I highly respect Bebe Cool as a musician. Whatever he says is up to him,” Kenzo said.



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