FURIOUS IRYN Ntale has told off her critics to stop judging before full analysis of a person and a situation following her latest pictures.

Iryn Ntale has been ridiculed on social media over this picture

Iryn Ntale has been ridiculed on social media over this picture

This comes on the heels of her recent ‘controversial’ pictures that have been doing the rounds on social media. The talented musician appeared to suffer a major fashion faux pas while performing at the Miss Uganda Contestants Unveiling at the Serena Hotel last Thursday.

Since then the pictures have been trending on facebook and social messaging tool

whatsapp with many ridiculing the singer for her ‘dubious’ fashion sense.

Ntale is unhappy

Ntale is unhappy

The singer has come out to blast her critics in a facebook message. Ntale says that people are wrong to judge easily without finding out the truth.

She further insists that such cannot deter her as she has a winner’s attitude and is an ambitious mission to succeed.

The singer is set to hold her first solo concert on 28th August.

She wrote: “People easily n often will judge you without knowing who you really are and what you stand for!!! That should never stop you!! Hear it, Shake it off and continue chasing your dreams!!!”


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