CITY BUSINESSMAN Andrew Desh Kananura has spoken out for the first time about allegations that he is involved in SUV car theft.

Desh Kananura

Desh Kananura

A few days ago United Kingdom law enforcement officers jetted into town to hunt down car thieves. It was revealed that three quarters of 70, 000 sports utility vehicles (SUVs) stolen from the UK end up in Uganda.

Following the recent developments, Panamera bar boss Desh has come out to clear his name.

He wrote: “



1998-2008 No1 High End car dealer.

4 DESH 1st Private plate 1998.

1999 personalised plates are born.

1st piece of H2 2003 delivered.

1st Q7

1st X5

1st X6

1st Range sport

1st Bentley

1st Tundras

Only CL 63 AMG Wayne Rooney’s Personal car.

Only Rolls Royce Phatom the epitome the list goes on.

If I were to be decorated I would field Marshall.

8 of 10 of my cars are flown in to ebb.


Just to let you know that I Andrew Kananura aka DESH, was the number 1 Luxury car importer but lost that position in late 2009 because,



Love me or hate me this is the truth!!!


I still import a few cars to order but majorly cars like the Tundras that are not easily accessible from the UK.

A lot has been said & done but truth be told I stopped importing heavily due to the unprecedented competition, that I didn’t see coming and faced.

I still have a 96% success rate for customer satisfaction and continue to have a few good & loyal customers.


Yes it is true a lot of stolen cars are coming into the country from the UK, But let it also been known that all these people that import these cars have nothing to lose, I am a British subject and would never lose my residency for a car or 2 save my children’s future. I have a lot to lose and would not be flying in & out of the UK.

I can’t sell cars when I have these cheap stolen cars coming in its in to the country, it’s in my interest that it be stopped though I know it’s next to impossible TBC.


I lost a lot of business & my position to my competition, because my prices where high. Reason my cars where and have always been STRAIGHT cars.

Some of the stolen dealers have been at

neck over the years trying to tarnish my name in various ways including using the press to bury my business of cars, but I am long gone.

Unless stolen cars stop being imported I stand NO chance.

I just stopped importing heavily as i can’t sell cars at my prices, if there is a single soul I have EVER sold a stolen car let him or her stand up, post it with evidence of my agreements my record is clean.

Save for cooked up stories.

Most people can’t belive that a local Ugandan can import a genuine car and pay the right tax and drive his or her car.


I stand to be counted and speak for myself for having said NO.

These stolen cars are driven of course by very highly inflationary people wealthy business men etc.

I know am touching a wrong button but who cares anymore? I don’t.

A stolen car e.g Rang Rover vogue 2015 goes for 350m-400m taxes paid NOT possible the right price for that car is 550m duty free plus 53% bringing it to 800-850m depending on specifications of car.

Not many can afford but at 45% of the actual cost! Business is thriving for some.

I tried to branch out to heavy plant & machinery (Earth movers) but those are uncharted waters.

I fly most if my cars in, as stolen cars cannot come in by plane.

Most people know the truth but choose to keep quiet.

I am now going to be attacked heavily but am feed up of the loose and cheap talk, I lost a good business I don’t fear saying the truth any more.

I am not attacking anyone just an observation.

I singlehandedly changed the car trend or industry in Uganda for luck of better words.

Sorry I have to keep it short, but yes I lost a great business and i can’t stand the loose & cheap talk by those that are very uninformed.

I brought about private plates importation of brand new cars 0km single handedly.


I LOVE CARS I don’t make a great deal of money on cars but love the smile & satisfaction on people’s faces when they receive their dreams.


I sell dreams and a lifestyle NOT only cars.

As the saying goes & still undisputed, Best ever car dealer in the region, award was given to me by non-other than Malcolm International and others.


Entrapment, you can be successful without doing the wrong thing.


And it’s NOT all been by my might.

Above all GOD has always been in control.





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