IT WAS expected to be the best concert for musicians Moze Radio and Weasel TV.

Moze Radio embarrassed everyone who knows him

Moze Radio embarrassed everyone who knows him

Instead it turned out to be their worst concert ever, thanks partly to Silk Events, but mainly Moze Radio.

It is common knowledge that Radio is hugely talented and is Uganda’s best vocalist by some distance. But with all his immense talent he, like anyone else, is nothing without discipline and respect.

The slim singer turned last night’s concert, dubbed Best of Radio and Weasel, into one hell of a joke after he turned abusive, labeling a Member of Parliament and respected bivulu promoter Balaam Barugahara idiots and stupid.

We might forgive Silk Events for the poor sound. But Radio’s unbecoming behaviour is something unforgivable.

For starters it was evident that the singer had not done any rehearsals. It was again evident that the singer was drunk!

As soon as he stepped on stage at exactly10pm, Radio looked uninterested, frustrated

and drunk. No wonder he staggered through his performance, often reminded by his singing partner Weasel to sing instead of shouting.

For starters Radio is a star because of his voice, but last night his voice was faint and one would struggle to hear anything (partly because of the poor sound).

And it all got worse when he started abusing Balaam and Hon. Katoto. For starters promoter Balaam and the Hon Katoto paid Radio and Weasel shs4 million through their manager Lawrence Labeja for a performance in Gulu last week. The singers never showed up. And on Thursday the manager was arrested and detained at Jinja Road police station until he refunded.

This was Moze Radio’s frustration but turning abusive on a public function was too far. It is no wonder that guests like Daniel Ogong, the marketing director Club beer, one of the event sponsors looked on in dismay. You wonder if he will ever accept to sponsor any other Radio/Weasel music concert.

Radio also publicly revealed that another sponsor, D Mark, owed the singers’ money.

All the time Weasel angrily looked on as his partner shamed him.



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