ALLAN AMPAIRE alias Toniks is one of the most talented R&B musicians in Uganda.

Singer Toniks

Singer Toniks

For over years, Toniks has managed to keep himself relevant in the music industry.

Today our writer DEMO RILEY caught up with him at Serena Hostel for a one on one…


Xclusive UG: Hey Toniks, how is the going??

Toniks: Not bad, everything is going on well.


Xclusive UG: For starters, why would you fight a fellow singer (Ray Signature) over Irene Ntale?

Toniks: Haha, maybe if she looked like Amber Rose I could trade blows over her, which won’t be in this lifetime.

Amber Rose is Toniks' dream girl

Amber Rose is Toniks’ dream girl


Xclusive UG: What’s your current relationship with Ray Signature. Are you still working with him under Vibration music?

Toniks: Ray and I are good friends and we support one another as often as possible.


Iryn Ntale is not good enough for Toniks

Iryn Ntale is not good enough for Toniks

Xclusive UG: Where did you end with Sheila Gashumba?

Toniks: Where did i end with Sheila? Where did I start with her? There is nothing going on between me

and Sheila.


Xclusive UG: You song Baby Language is so far doing well, what’s in stock this year?

Toniks: I have just released a single titled “Tonta.” You should check it out on my sound cloud or request it on your favorite radio stations.


Xclusive UG: Who is that one female Ugandan artiste you would love to work with?

Toniks: I would like to work with Nandujja because she’s original musically.


Xclusive UG: Late last year, married socialite Sue Ochola was too close to you and it was rumored that she was bankrolling your music projects. Tell us about your relationship with her.

Toniks: Lol..Sue is a good friend and nobody has ever bankrolled anything except me.

O'chola and Toniks have been linked together in the past

O’chola and Toniks have been linked together in the past



Xclusive UG: Where do you see yourself in five years from now?

Toniks: Will see myself in the mirror five years from now


Xclusive UG: How do you want to be remembered when you are retired from music?

Toniks: I want to be remembered for never compromising my art to my fans ever.


Xclusive UG: What do you think is still lagging Uganda music industry behind?

Toniks: There is serious lack of professionalism and the investment in the whole sector is still low.


Xclusive UG: Any last word to your fans…

Toniks: Don’t stop the love because I will not stop representing.


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