Sheebah Karungi chokes on shisha smoke

Sheebah Karungi chokes on shisha smoke

THERE ARE  fresh fears over Sheebah Karungi’s health as the star singer continues to live a high life.
Ever since she hit the big stage years ago while with Obsessions Group, the sexy Twesana star has not been afraid to ‘live her life.’
And her life includes drinking

whisky and vodka, smoking shisha and partying real hard.
But there were genuine fears for her health last week at Centenary Park based Laftaz Bar when the musician choked on smoke as she puffed away on shisha.
Pals looked on in worry as the star coughed, gasped, huffed and panted as she was clearly affected by the flavored shisha smoke.
However after a few minutes she was back to normal and resorted to her shisha. Shisha is said to be more harmful than cigarettes.



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