Sheila and her dad Frank Gashumba

Sheila and her dad Frank Gashumba

Being a daughter to motor-mouthed social critic Frank Gashumba means she is in the ‘face’ of Ugandans all the time. And this is not helped by the fact that she is a TV personality.

It is no wonder she has been linked to a series of city dudes. Umpteen tales have been around town tagging her to men, and people still are more curious to ascertain who that lucky fell in her life is. Well the pencil- thin glamorous presenter divulged to Xclusive UG about her love life.


Xclusive UG: What does dating mean to you?

Sheilah Gashumba: Dating is simply finding that special better half for you and deciding to spend quality time with them.


Xclusive UG: So who are you seeing or rather dating?

Sheilah Gashumba: No am not dating yet because it’s not the right time. I am actually engulfed in a tight schedule. No one can keep up with my bulls**t. And I hate explaining myself to people, so I imagine if I was dating apparently a man would kill me with countless questions.


Xclusive UG: Then when are you going to find that yet to be lucky dude?

Sheilah Gashumba: Hmm am joining University in the UK next year. I will shut down my Uganda system for roughly three good years as I chase my dream. So I will get a true lover at university.


Xclusive UG: What does it

mean like growing up in the hands of a father and no mother?

Sheilah Gashumba: It’s an awesome experience, i must say. My lovely dad is understanding and caring. So my mind is like for a man and even when it comes to the way i think and behave. Have you ever noticed girls who grew up with their mothers are the ones who get into relationships so quickly? So am not like other girls who are get so drunk in love.


Xclusive UG: Your dad Frank Gashumba is a very critical of almost anything. How do you think he will react to the man you present to him?

Sheila Gashumba: Why not? Is it for him to appreciate or me? He will accept the person I will choose because he reveres my decisions.


Xclusive UG: Rumor has it that you are dating South Africa based Ugandan artiste Face Off, Is it true?

Sheilah Gashumba: Haha I marvel at such false rumors. It’s not true. Face Off is actually my inlaw. Face Off is in a serious relationship with my mum’s sister (aunt) and they actually have a bouncing baby.


Xclusive UG: Ok aside with Face Off, where did you end with Toniks?

Sheilah Gashumba: Banange!!! Toniks is my friend


Xclusive UG: But you were always smoked out with him several times?

Sheilah Gashumba: Haha. No that’s a lie. Maybe at my home parties. But in public?? Not at all. At my last home party, i had even bumped into him and left him there. We are like family friends, there is no chemistry going on between us.


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