No doubt, it is the strong impact that makes people to fear a nine millimeter bullet more than a brick of half feet. But the question that arises is this nine millimeter bullet powerful enough to be a hurdle in the way of your good fortune. No, when someone decides firmly to win the race nothing can plan to defeat him, not even death by shooting him dead. There are many famous personalities around the globe who were forced to give up by getting shot but they survived. Check here about these famous people.



1. The Famous Rapper 50 Cent, nine times survived a bullet shot and kept on entertaining the world.

2. Being a Victim of Random Shooting, Brandon Call was shot

in both of his arms in 1996, but he survived.

3. Famous singer Akon escaped a drive by shooting in 2005. He only received minor injuries.

4. Ol’ Dirty Bastard, a member of the Wu Tang Clan, was once shot in the year 1996 after and argument. Again in 1998, he was shot during a home invasion.

5. Former American president Reagan escaped a planned assassination in 1971. Bullet passed touching his heart.

6. Vladimir Lenin, the First President of Russia, was attacked twice in an assassination attempt.

7. Pope John Paul 2 Survived an attack when he was heading toward St. Peter Square.

8. Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President of America, was on his way to deliver a speech when he was shot. He not only survived, but also delivered the speech in the same condition.

9. Vanilla Ice was shot during a street fight.

10. Garret Morris took a bullet by the robber. Being a famous comedian, he was recognized by many people. So, his fans rescued him.





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