Segawa is currently admitted at Mayo Clinic

Segawa is currently admitted at Mayo Clinic

Ugandans today woke up to the sad news of star actor John Segawa being beaten last night after unknown thugs raided him on his way back home in Rubaga.

The handsome actor is currently admitted at Bombo Road based Mayo Clinic Room 3. He is nursing head wounds and muscle pains all over his body.

As expected a bevy of city babes have been to hospital to check on him. It is not yet clear if it were mere thugs that attacked Segawa but the fact that they did not go away with anything after clobbering him has sent tongues wagging that it could have been a well-orchestrated move to ‘discipline’ for his alleged encroachment on other men’s women.

A section of his pals believe he could have hit on someone’s wife and this was a kind of revenge.

This section of pals dismiss that it could have everything to do with Pastor Aloysius Bugingi. Since April Segawa and the man of God have been at loggerheads over issues to do with Red Nite pub at Bat Valley. However the pastor is not believed or suspected to have had a hand in Segawa’s thumping.

“It has everything to do

with women issues. Segawa is known as the number one city Casanova. That’s an open secret,” says one of his pals.

Segawa has dated among very many others Ruth Wanyana, Mariam Ndagire, Leila Kayondo, Ruth Kalibala, Prisca Mikami, one Caldina, Titi Tabel, Mariam Tindatiine, Priscilla Kalibala, Sarah Zawedde, and Aisha Nabukeera.

However it is his flings with Wanyana and Ndagire that raised the most dust. Wanyana hooked Segawa around 1995 when the pair was in the drama group Afri-Diamonds. Those days Segawa was still a youthful dude and always wandered to other women. As a result Wanyana approached Ndagire who was the older woman for some marriage advice though she wasn’t married at the time. Ndagire was also part of Afri Diamonds alongside other actors like Abbey Mukiibi , and Patricko Mujuka, Kato Lubwama, Seila Nvanungi among others. When Wanyana approached Ndagire she advised her to give the marriage a break for a while. Wanyana naively took the advice and went abroad to take a breather. By the time she came back Ndagire and Segawa were inseparable and the unending feud started. The two former buddies started exchanging words in public, before Ndagire took it to a higher level and composed songs dissing Wanyana and assuring her that the man is hers. Since then Segawa has been a ladies’ man. No wonder some believe he could have been beaten over women.

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