Let’s not kid ourselves; there really is a lot of pressure that comes with being in the public eye. Every move you make is watched by fans and the media, every decision you make from who you date to where you shop to what you eat, is tabloid material and if you’re a man and you ever glance at a lady the wrong way you’re suddenly, and very publicly, labeled a womanizer. Fame and fortune aside, it’s got to be pretty tough to handle. And it’s probably a big part of the reason why so many celebrities go crazier …

Shanita Namuyimbwa aka Bad Black

Bad Black

Bad Black

Ah, Black. When she first burst onto the limelight in September 2010, who would have ever guessed that the hot little vixen with millions in her account (it doesn’t matter it was stolen) would actually stoop low and do all the dirty things she did. As soon as she hit the big stage, fights were her order of the day. Big Brother rep Esther Akankwasa is testimony. She also fought one Dora Muganga, glamour gal Shantal Ruby among many others. No wonder she is currently in Luzira Prison albeit for other issues.

Dr. Jose Chameleone

With someone like Chameleone, it’s not so much that he went insane, it’s more like he was born insane. Sometimes people are just a little wacky. Yeah, that sounds about right. Now sure, there have been some things that have happened along the way that might have aided in his descent into madness, but incidences such as him falling from third floor of some hotel in Arusha when he had

gone there to perform, him in fist fights with different artistes to him changing religion as if it is a cloth. However, it probably says something about how the public perceives your sanity.



Made famous by being America rapper Lil Wayne’s look alike, Rabadaba gained fame late 2009 with his song Musanvu Kitundu. And then he became everybody’s favourite and even hooked himself sexy Sheila Ferguson. It was up to about this time when Rabadaba was swimming on fame when he stabbed Thaddeus Muyego over a girl one Penny, a thigh vendor in Dubai. This was the start of the fall of Raba.



Dizzy Nuts

Seriously, what the hell is it with this once super talented Dizzy Nuts? Back then Dizzy was clean and not smoking God knows what, (despite his claims to the contrary). But like so many other stars who made it huge, Dizzy started getting more and more ‘high’ until eventually, even his fans started saying “hey, slow down there, champ. Why don’t you sit this one out.” Being from the ghetto, he never listened and ended up smoking too much and ran mad!



Moze Radio

Those who are close to talented singer Moses Sekibogo aka Moze Radio know him to have loose wires. Very very loose. Radio smokes heavy stuff and drinks like fish. The fact that he comes from not a very to do family seems to play on his head. And now that he has all the fame, he has become extremely arrogant and crazy.


Eddy Kenzo

Eddy Kenzo shouldn’t be on this list but his actions recently against journalist Isaac Katende aka Kasuku guarantee him a berth. Kenzo had always been known to be a very down to earth cool guy until he lost his cool and Laftaz bar and attacked Kasuku after a heated argument. Clearly the fame that has come with having an international hit has got into his bald head.


To be continued….


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