Stella Nantubwe

Stella Nantubwe

The annual Big Brother Africa reality television series has lost ratings over the years. As a result many Africans, including a host of Ugandans, are not even excited that the ninth season of BBA kicks off this Sunday 5 October 2014.

However those intending to shun the show might need to think twice.

Uganda representative and outgoing Miss Uganda Stella Nantubwe has promised to shower naked and show her private parts.

Ellah, as she has preferred to be named for BBA, confesses that she is ready to send temperatures into overdrive with a full show during

shower hour. In previous BBA game shows, most housemates preferred to shower in their undies, swiftly covering their private parts.

The last time a housemate freely flaunted her assets was Namibia’s Meryl many years ago. Nantumbwe is ready to bring back that joy, according to her revelations.

She says that she’s “super excited and is looking forward to being on the show”.

Natumbwa says she was inspired to enter Big Brother Hotshots because “it unites Africa and is also a platform for me to advance”.

She describes herself as “charismatic, bitchy, outspoken, loving and sophisticated”, and says that she’s a very determined person. She also loves charismatic people and values honesty and joyfulness in others. She specifically detests “lies and fake people”.


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