Chameleone kisses Daniela

Chameleone kisses Daniela

Star Jose Chameleone has rubbished rumors that his marriage has hit the rocks. A few days ago, an online tabloid claimed the Leone Island boss’ wife Daniela Atim Mayanja had left their Luzira home accusing the singer of impregnating one Annette. The online tabloid further claimed Annette is the mother of Chameleone’s first child, a senior two student at Seeta High School.

While speaking about this issue for the first time, the star singer rubbished the


He wrote: “We are here to fulfill prophecies and we must be a testimony of God’s love. It’s pitiful that we have failed to learn to big up our own selves and instead stand high to disregard one another, that’s the reason why Journalists are getting engaged with Artistes like you all know. I want to Clarify to where so ever the source is that Me and my Darling wife are a match made in Heaven and guarded by the Angels. Jealousy, hateful and envious ones please, stuff your rubbish back into your mouth.”



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