Judith Heard

Judith Heard

Judith Heard has revealed that former friend Sylvia Owori is not a trustworthy friend and only ‘uses people to get what she wants.’

This comes after Owori blamed Judith for the commotion that happened at the vigil of Juliana Kanyomozi’s son as exclusively reported by this website.

While speaking only to Xclusive UG, Judith, like Owori, apologized for the incident at Keron’s vigil but played down any physical confrontation.

Judith said: “We didn’t fight c’mon how would one fight at a Vigil? I ask you as a brother to let the boy rest in peace. This is not the time to be looking at who is to blame. I have so much Respect for Juliana, so fighting at her son’s vigil would be the last thing. But yes we had an exchange of words.”

In an earlier phone interview Owori had claimed she had nothing against Judith. And Judith too claims to have nothing against Owori. But clearly the two are hiding something.

She (Judith) added: “I don’t know what I did to her. You know in life you can disrespect someone not knowing what God has in store for them. So she might not like the fact that Am JH, Or the fact that am a Nalongo or the fact that am still standing strong after everything she did to break me down. Those are the only things I can say that make her hate or abuse me.”

When asked if she shouldn’t be the one respecting Owori since she ‘mentored’ her, Judith laughed out loud.

“Mentored me?????? Hahahahahaahahahah. No way. I MENTORED myself. I only worked as a model for her and she didn’t bring me on the social scene,” she says.



Judith also revealed that she is a cool person who could never fight people unless

she is attacked.

“I love staying in my lane. I wish everyone respected that. I make friends with people but if I find out you are not a real friend. I stay away from you. She’s just not loyal to anyone,” Judith adds.

And then adds: “She becomes your friend if there’s something she wants from you. Try finding her friends from years ago. They aren’t with her because they all figured out she wasn’t a good friend. But gone are the days when no one knew who a true friend is. All she cares about is herself and nobody else.

Such people you leave to God. And karma. Why would I waste my time on Sylvia Owori? That’s nothing. All I can say is that am sorry to Juliana and Amon that it happened but don’t want to be explaining what Sylvia did.

Am not bothered about whatever she says. Let her take care of herself before trying to attract me.”

About the issue of Owori saying that she used IVO to get pregnant, she says: “Hadn’t seen where she said Alex is infertile. God bless her. That’s not a bad enough tell her to find something else to say. Or she wanted me to also go out of my marriage and have a baby like her?

Sylvia needs to just accept the truth;

Empires rise, Empires fall. But she will be okay.

She also claimed that Owori had lost all her self-esteem.

“It’s about self-esteem. It is not about money. People may flatter themselves just as much by thinking that their faults are always present to other people’s minds, as if they believe that the world is always contemplating their individual charms and virtues. This is who Sylvia is.

I thank God for having guided me through life till this day, for helping me understand life more and more each day that goes by. Today I feel better and stronger than ever and the better you feel about yourself, the less you feel the need to show off.”

We bet Sylvia will have something to say about this…



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