Sylvia Owori has strongly apologized to Juliana Kanyomozi and Amon Lukwago for the incident that happened at the vigil of their son Keron Kabugo last week.

Yesterday we told of how Owori and Judith Heard almost exchanged blows at Juliana’s home in Lungujja during the vigil.

Owori has come out and admitted that there was ‘a small incident that people were blowing out of proportion.’

However she blamed ‘the other person’ for the standoff.

In a phone conversation, Owori told us: “First of all I would like to apologize to Amon and Juliana for whatever happened at the vigil. I have been friends with both of them for 14 years and I went to the vigil to comfort them but not to cause a scene or look for cheap popularity. As a mother I know what Juliana is going through and am really sorry. After the incident I stayed till morning to grieve with them. Am so close to them I wouldn’t hurt them.”

Owori further informed this website that she blames Judith for the incident.

“I would also like to clarify that for the last three years, I have been out of the media and that’s what I chose. I no longer want to be in the public eye. But she (Judith) thought by causing a standoff with me, she would get easy media attention which she has actually got. But doing this at a vigil of a friend is really wrong. Of course you remember the selfies she took a few days before.”

Owori, who has been instrumental in shaping the fashion industry in Uganda, also revealed that she had nothing personal against Judith. Reports had indicated that the former buddies could have fallen out over a cocaine deal gone wrong. “I completely have nothing against her (Judith) though it seems she wants to ride on my name for publicity. But if Judith has anything against me, am sorry I don’t know it,” Owori said.

She added: “I have read that cocaine could be the cause of our misunderstanding but I would like to clarify that I have never in any way used any intoxicants or drugs in my life.

When contacted, Judith said she can’t fight at a vigil.






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