Tuff B

Tuff B

He might be engaged to one hot girl Mimi Ssemakula but looks like singer and TV presenter Tuff B, real names Robert Ssekide, enjoys the company of older women, especially whites.

Well this is if we are to go by what we witnessed last night at Kisementi based Fat Boyz bar.

Clad in a blue T shirt and a cap, the Ediboota singer

looked to be having the best time of his life as he enjoyed the company of an aged white lady.

And this yet to be identified woman- spotting a flowered black dress- also looked to be having a great time as she enjoyed the company of the fella.

“They looked smitten, they are great friends,” said an eyewitness. The pair settled in a dark corner and had only eyes for each other as they sipped on their drinks.

The pair later left hand in hand at around 1am.



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