Andy Music

Andy Music

Top music producer Arnold Mbugamuzi aka Andy Music has fallen out with his boss David Junior Kazoora and quit Buddiez Studio for greener pastures. Our sources can confirm that Andy has joined a newly set up studio in Najeera.

According to Kazoora’s close pal, Andy decided to quit after going six months without pay, yet he has been producing good music and making Airtel Telecom adverts at Buddiez Studio based in Kiwatule.



Andy has produced songs for top and promising upcoming artistes who include Fille, Kalifah Aganaga, Rabadaba, Mun G and many more. He is considered to be one of Uganda’s best.

“You can’t believe that Andy has spent that long without being paid yet he has made money for Kazoora. He is the man who has been producing Airtel adverts and

it pays well,” a pal said.

Adding: “Imagine someone who has worked that long and he couldn’t afford renting himself a house. He was sleeping in studios, I know it’s hard to believe but that’s how Kazoora had turned Andy.”

This website understands that while at Buddies bar, a client only identified as Martin found Andy in somber mood and when he asked him what the problem was, Andy revealed how Kazoora had turned him into a ‘war horse’ to an extent that he couldn’t even afford to buy himself a bottle of beer.

“Martin a city businessman felt concerned and decided to employ him. The two agreed to set up a serious and sophisticated studio in Najeera a Kampala suburb,” a pal said.

Andy, a Congolese national, will be earning shs2 million per month and already he has been given an advance of shs4 million to cater for his rent.

This did not go down well with Kazoora who has tried to convince or rather confuse Andy to rethink his decision.

Andy has since sworn to give Kazoora a bloody nose.



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