Kumba and Kats

Kumba and Kats

Musician Michael Mugwanya- better known as King Michael- insists that glamour gal Cisse Faridah Kumba will never find a man who can sexually satisfy her like he does.

This comes just a few minutes after Kumba added an event ‘Got Engaged’ on her facebook timeline.

And we can confirm that it is not the dancehall singer she has got engaged to. Though yet to be confirmed, our sources tell us that she is now engaged and set to marry Richy Kats, a city socialite.

Though Michael publicly wished her ‘success all the way’ following her engagement,

he has told us in a private chat that she will be back to him because he is the best.



When we teased him about his wife being taken, Michael was quick to reply: “Ha ha ha ha ha. No one can f**** Kumba the way is f**** her.”

Michael dated Kumba for years behind his fiancée Rhona Ndagire’s back. However Kumba ended the relationship after she got fed up of being a side dish. She then hooked Richy Kats although she had been linked to a series of other men.

Recently Kumba confirmed that Michael is great in bed.



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