A lovely Uganda Cranes diehard fan has today died on her way to watch his favorite team at Mandela National Stadium. Gorgeous Mercy Nshemereirwe met her creator when she was involved in a fatal accident in Mpigi. She was travelling from Mpigi to Namboole to watch the national team.

“It is so sad, she was entering the road and another vehicle knocked hers. I think she was distracted because she was on phone,” said an eyewitness.

However another source claims that the accident was caused by amateurism. Apparently she had borrowed a friend’s car and knocked a pavement.

The source says: “I just talked to another

friend who’s told me that no vehicle knocked her.. She had just borrowed a friend’s car to go with it to Namboole and because she wasn’t yet a good driver, she was sort of test driving it. She was doing ok.. but then she lost control and hit one of the pavements along the highway just in Kalagala, we think she was driving too fast… the other problem was that she was all alone and so it took sometime for the people to know help was needed. Her body is still at Mpigi Hospital and we shall have the vigil tonight at her matrimonial home here.. May she Rest In Peace.”

Currently her body is still at Mpingi Hospital.

Uganda Cranes is still leading Madagascar by a Geoffrey Massa goal.



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