Kats and Fille

Kats and Fille

Talented youngster Fille Clear Mutoni insists MC Kats- real name Edwin Katamba- is not her man.

For the last few weeks Fille has appeared on television ‘making it clear’ in any possible terms that Kats is only her manager.

Though very few will believe her, Fille says she has someone but would like to keep him a secret. And it is not Kats, according to her.

While appearing on Record TV Katogo show today, Fille said: “Yes I am dating someone but it is not Kats.

It is someone who would like to keep a low profile.”

These are words she said while appearing on Katongole Omutongole’s Full Doz Xtra show last Saturday. She insisted Kats has never slept with her.

However she seems to confirm she has made love (but again not with Kats) after she asked the caller to contact her privately for a chat. This certainly means she could not lie on TV that she’s a virgin.

Since she hit the big stage, thanks to Kats, she has been rumored to be dating him.

Even last year, Kats claimed she was engaged to him.

But she has rubbished all this.

Clearly one of them is telling lies and you know who…



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