Chameleone and the new manager

Chameleone and the new manager

Super singer Jose Chameleone has replaced manager Sam Mukasa. A few weeks back we exclusively told you that the singer had fired Mukasa after disagreements.

And it had been suggested that the singer was set to replace Mukasa with Buddies Entertainment boss David Kazoora.

But this is not to be. Chameleone has today announced Robert Jackson Nkuke, the owner of Mutima

Entertainment. Nkuke starts work with immediate effect, according to Chameleone.

This is his full message: “As I set off for My European Tour commencing this Friday in Oslo Norway 17th Saturday, I would like to thank my entire team and in a special way Sam Mukasa for his Endurance,Competence,Hard work,Guidance and Time as he served as my Manager and the Leone Island Music Empire.Thank you,thank you,thank you.No words can express my gratitude. Officially,I introduce to my Fans,Friends,Well-wishers and business partners my new Manager: Mr.Robert Jackson Nkuke famously known as “Mutima””


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