Car dealer and city businessman Andrew Desh Kananura has a case to answer regarding the murder of Badru Kateregga. The Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) has this afternoon revealed the findings of the investigations of the matter surrounding Badru Kateregga’s alleged murder at Panamera bar. The fresh findings indicate Desh and four others have a case to answer. A date for their trial will be announced next week.

On September 30, 2012, Desh Kananura, real name Andrew Kananura Kagonyera, and four others allegedly murdered Kateregga, an employee

of Panamera bar & restaurant in Naguru.

Desh consequently went on the run till his arrest in January 2013. He was remanded and released on bail. However to date, the flamboyant businessman is out and about; its business as usual while the parents of his alleged victim Badru Kateregga have relentlessly sought justice and been frustrated. Owing to the frustration Kateregga’s father, Salim Hamza Waere, 65, who had been following the case succumbed to high blood pressure.

Kateregga was callously beaten to death over a tip of sh30,000 he had received from a patron of the bar on that unforgettable Sunday morning.

Now the DPP says Desh has a case.

Watch this space!



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