Dr. Nahabwe and singer Kalifah show off their awards

Dr. Nahabwe and singer Kalifah show off their awards

Dr. Innocent Nahabwe, the owner of the award sweeping new radio station Galaxy FM has slammed other radio station owners and people who have been Buzz Teeniez awards after his station was voted The Funkiest FM station in Uganda.

Galaxy FM has been in operation for around fourteen months but it is already giving other stations a run, winning award after award. On Saturday Uganda teenagers recognized Galaxy as it beat other established stations such as Hot 100, Radio City among others.

Nahabwe today explained why Galaxy is number one:

“Following the Buzz Teenies awards where Galaxy FM won the award for Funkiest FM station, I have been pleasantly surprised that the old guard of youth stations are up in arms that we shouldn’t have won.

Here are the 5 reasons:

1. All the other nominees are fighting for a gradually diminishing market of youths. XFM, Hot 100, City FM are all targeting the same elitist teeniez. Those elite teeniez from international schools are reducing every year. Its no longer Budo, Namagunga that are schools to beat but Kitende, Nalya, etc and the like. These speak Lu-English. The language that Galaxy uses. We are the only #Urban #Luganda, #youth #station

2. The most popular music is no longer Hard Hip-Hop etc but Eddy Kenzo, Bebe CoolH.E Bobi Wine (The Ghetto Presidient) Gravity, Mun G, Viboyo OweyoMusic , Irene ntaleDR. JOSE Chameleone Radio and Radio

& Weasel , Vocal Police Bafana and others. We can bet what the best act was at the teeniez awards -Eddy Kenzo. Does he speak your typical heavy accent? No! But the teeniez love him. African loves him too (currently #2 on Trance. Thats the music we play.

3. The market has changed. People living and working on Kampala Rd, Jinja Rd and the ring completed by Bombo Rd and Ntinda Rd and below ( Kikuubo, Owino, Nasser, Katwe, Kamwokya lower, the arcades etc) continue to grow while those above in areas of Kololo, ntinda, Nakasero continues to dwindle. We appeal to the urban Teeniez there as well as the adults.

4. We are very popular. All research shows we are way higher than all the others. In addition to that, we are the leading radio on social media in Uganda. See the pictures.

5. We have a special team. See Afande Kerekere Arthur D’vaccine Princess Sarah Biryomumaisho Kada Prim Mima Asiimwe Cotilda Inapo Mariat Candace Nasasira Dj Nimrod Dj HerBert DJ Magic-Switch Omukebete Da Comedian Yonah Mutawe Ashraf Ajobe Habib Little Joe and others. They are all new and have something new to offer to the industry.

The team has the best humor. Its in touch with the common man. They don’t have that elitist attitude as such, our stories touch base with the listeners. They understand us, we speak their language.

Ladies and gentlemen, now you know. We won, we will win more!”

And other people, including celebrities, tend to agree with Nahabwe.

Today Viboyo Oweyo, a veteran musician agrees that Galaxy’s trick has been employing fresh blood.

From us, congs Galaxy FM.



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