Talk of love turned sour. While Edgar Elvis Mbabaali served as Farida Walden’s lecturer in Clearing And Forwarding, few people would ever have suspected that he had extra dealings with his student.

But now it is no longer a secret. Students at the Career Institute are all wagging tongues about how their lecturer, disappointed by Farida Walden, has demanded her to give him back all the love gifts he ever gave her. Farida Walden is best known for her runaway hit Pressure Ya Love. Trouble in these love birds’ nest started late last year. Walden, who went to the UK in September 2013,

had deceived her lecturer-cum-boyfriend that she would return in a month so that they would Kwanjula. To his dismay, she has not returned six months later. He has also of late been getting consistent rumors that Walden hooked up with another man in the UK. Now, the lecturer-cum-lover has sent out repeated phone calls to Walden and her relatives demanding that she pays back the sh 1m he gave her and the other gifts.

We hear, Walden has responded by saying that she will return in June so they could resume their love. But the jilted lecturer will not hear of it and with all the vehemence.

By press time, Walden’s relatives had unanimously resolved to pay sh1m to Mbabaali before he becomes a nuisance to them.


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